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System Integration

Telecom System Integration has been the driving segment of our growth. Some of the works in this segment that we are highly experienced are:


Transmission Equipment Installation

Installation and commissioning of OLT, ONT, SDH, CWDM and DWDM equipments.

MPLS Router Network Deployment

Complete netowrk deployement for MPLS router system for delivery of P2P and internet links. The work comprises of Survey, Installation, commissioning and take over by end client after successful trial run.

Fully Managed Wifi LAN Deployment

Fully managed and controlled Wifi internet delivery for enterprises like college campus, office compounds, production plants, mining areas etc. The includes supply and installation of hardware as well as software (NMS) for managing the users and control over security and privacy of the network. 

Fully Managed Wired LAN Deployment

Wired or LAN cabled networks for highly secured areas like banks, govt offices, specially protected areas by Govt notification. Work includes supply and installation of hardware, software and consumables.

UBR Point to Point Connection

For delivery of links to remote and inaccessible areas including hills, foresta nd mines UBR with high stability is installed. Quality workmen and long experience enable delivery of most reliable service for complete satisfaction clients and end users.

Small Cell Deployment


Small cell deployment for network boosting for telecom operators.

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