System Integration

Power Sector is one of the most organized sectors of country and has enabled reach of power to nearly every household. For the quest of new challenges the sector has already ventured into smartgrid, cloud power sourcing and upliftment of renewable energy.

Installation and maintenance of HT & LT transmission lines

Installation and maintenance of high tension and low tension lines in liveline condition.

OPGW Installation and Maintenance

Infinidea can execute liveline as well as fresh OPGW installation, complete fibre termination and installation of repeater stations for setting up NLD backbone on OPGW. We also do OTDR testing and health improvement of OPGW networks in line with high level of ‘Standard Procedure for OPGW Rectification’ set up after exhaustive internal reviews)

Installation of Power panels


The power technology is evolving everyday and old equipments and panels are being replaced by new ones. Infinidea has experienced team of engineers who lead the installation and commissioning of panels without any power disruption.