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Why Choose Infinidea?

01. Planning

Planning; Planning & Planning. Projects is 60% planning and 40% execution. Our extensive experience in field has taught that a poorly planned project can go wrong in best possible ways. That is why we spend excessive time on drawing board before venturing into field. This enables us to see what was defined in scope of work and what was not defined as well. By exhaustive planning we try to know the 'unknown' and thus minimize the bumps on the road ahead.

02. Focus

Projects come with well defined timeline and scope of work. To meet client expectations timeline has to be strictly followed though SoW adds accessories to it. Only a focused team can lead the project to finishing line in time. One of the most smeared projects in respect of time and geographical areas has enables Infinidea to keep FOCUS at one of the main criteria while working on projects and maintenance.

03. Adaptibility

The experience of working in several domains and with numerous customers has enabled us develop in a highly adaptable organization to exactly match with work ethics of our clients and requirements.

04. People

Its all about people. The complete work culture at Infinidea revolves around people. We take immense care that  every achieved milestone adds value to the life of our employees,  clients and partners. The only progress that defines all other is 'progress of people'.

For our commitment towards our field staff we are in process of having OHSAS:18000-2007  Occupational Health & Safety Management System

05. Process

Based on well round planning we define numerous processes for a signle project. Out of all these the best process is chosen in consultation with clients and other stakeholders. A well thought of process is also well known to all. This acts as a self driving motor and enhances speed of achieving milestones and closure of projects.

06. Security

Security has never been so important as it is in todays time. Infinidea has always thrived for security of resources to safeguard interest of our clients, employees and other stakeholders. Infinidea is an ISO 270001:2013 certified organization for its commitment towards security. We have implemented complete Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Security of resources can be broadly categorized as:

1. Security of People

2. Sccurity of Information

3. Security of Assets

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