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Even when the unemployment is skyrocketing, almost all industries are struggling to find right candidates for their vacant positions. Thus we have been working with diferent approach to fulfill this gap and match applicants with the clients. 


Tender Based Manpower Supply

We are providing technical and nontechnical manpower to different government departments, private companies and PSUs after tough competitive bidding. We take pride in providing quality manpower with compliance of all regulatory requirements. When the segment is fraught with malpractices, Infinidea leads the way in ensuring rights of its engineers and technicians. When all staff are provided with at least Central minimum Wages, PF, ESI and applicable insurances they feel safe to work with Infinidea. 


Employability Profiling and AI Enabled Recruitments

Our IT tea, is working with some of the best untapped minds to develop an AI based solution for candidate profiling and match him with the right job.  

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